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Hackday for Media Norge

Torsdag 27.januar er det tid for nok en hackday. Vi kommer til å poste resultatet på bloggen. Gode innspill på hva vi kan lage tas imot med takk! Dette blir 24 timer med ekte nerding, koding, pizza, xbox, red-bull og … Continue reading

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Sandbox jQuery

First try to sandbox $ (jQuery) to a specific element: HTML: <div id = "test"> <h2>TEST</h2> </div> <h2>TEST 2</h2> Javascript: function Module() { } function Sub () { console.log($(‘h2′)); }; Sub.prototype = new Module(); Sub(); console.log($(‘h2′)); function $() { var … Continue reading

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Real cross browser box-shadow

If you want more css functionality, ccs3Pie gives you all the functionality you need. If you only need box-shadows – read on. This method is easier than css3Pie, since it doesn’t use VML. Internet Explorer versions below version 9 doesn’t … Continue reading

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Creating a jQuery plugin to wrap text around images

Do you want to wrap text around the edges of an image, not constrained to the square shape? This tutorial show how it is done. Example | Download plugin A “long” time ago, Eric Meyer introduced the concept of ragged … Continue reading

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HTML5 news article with microformats og microdata

Markup example of a news article using microformats and microdata <article class="hnews hentry item"> <div class="hmedia"> <img class="photo" width="" height="" alt="Alt text describing image" src=""/> <div class="caption"><span class="fn">Name of the person</span></div> </div> <h1><a class="url entry-title" href="url til artikkel" rel="bookmark">Article title</a></h1> … Continue reading

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