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To position:fixed or not to position:fixed

For some time we have had fixed header on our sites. The problem with fixed headers are – they are fixed. If you are not using it, its taking up good real estate. For people using the space bar to … Continue reading

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IE8 rendering bug

We have experienced a rendering bug on scroll with Internet Explorer 8 lately. It turns out its because of embedded webfonts in one of our ads. Removing this from the ad fixes the problem. @font-face { font-family: ‘MuseoSlab’; src: url(‘/sites/all/themes/dinmat/css/fonts/MyFontsWebfontsOrderM4088454/webfonts/2439B2_3_0.eot’); … Continue reading

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NodeJS presentation

Here are the slides from my NodeJS presentation.

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Magnify plugin for jQuery

I have created a magnifier plugin for jQuery 1.7 or above that zoom html elements. If you need legacy support replace “on” with “bind” in the source code. Webkit browsers get a square magnify window because it doesn’t clip content … Continue reading

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Flash crash in Chrome

Our online newspapers have experienced chrome crashes when a user open multiple tabs. The crash is caused by Flash and it is a quite common problem We have used -webkit-transform:translateZ(0); to turn on hardware acceleration in Webkit browsers, but hardware … Continue reading

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Test position fixed for iPhone

Testing position fixed for iphone can be a problem. If created the following script to test for position fixed. It seams to work, but please provide feedback in the comments. var IOS_FIXED_POSITION; window.onload = function () { if (typeof document.body.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded … Continue reading

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Jagged fonts with css font-face in Firefox

Some fonts in Firefox for Windows have jagged edges with cleartype turned on. This is a result of poor hinting. The problem cannot be fixed by other than Mozilla, but we can improve the result a bit with svg-filters. <!DOCTYPE … Continue reading

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Slides fra JavaScript-kurs

Har lagt ut presentasjonen fra JavaScript-kurset. Virker kun i de nyeste nettleserne. Jeg regner med du vet hvordan du oppdaterer

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Webkit phantom float bug

I recently found a strange webkit bug when I used a negative top margin to position a floated element. I float an element to the left and gives the outer wrapper element a top margin of ex. 100px. Then I … Continue reading

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Silverlight css3 transform bug

Strange bug with Silverlight. I have created a slideshow using the css transform property and translateX to move between the content items. If Silverlight is initialised without windowless = true, it disappears. To show Silverlight after applying a css transform … Continue reading

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