HTML5 news article with microformats og microdata

Markup example of a news article using microformats and microdata

<article class="hnews hentry item">
    <div class="hmedia">
    	<img class="photo" width="" height="" alt="Alt text describing image" src=""/>
    	<div class="caption"><span class="fn">Name of the person</span></div>

	<h1><a class="url entry-title" href="url til artikkel" rel="bookmark">Article title</a></h1>

	<address itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=" class="author vCard">
		<a class="email fn" itemprop="name" href="">Tor Brekke Skj&oslash;tskift</a>,
		<a itemprop="affiliation" class="source-org url org fn" href = "">Organization</a>
        <abbr class="updated dtstamp" title="2009-04-19T18:17:29Z">19 April 2009 18:17</abbr>

	<div class="entry-content">
		<p><abbr class="dateline geo" title="15.44711,-31.285503">OSLO, Norway</abbr> (Aftenposten) Lorem ipsum dolor…</p>
		<p>Lorem ipsum….</p>
	<h2>Related contents</h2>
	<ul class="related-links">
		<li><a href="#">Link text</a></li>
	        <li><a href="#">Link text</a></li>
	<ul class="categories-links">
		<li><a href="#" rel="tag">Category 1</a></li>
		<li><a href="#" rel="tag">Category 2</a>
        		<li><a href="#" rel="tag">Category 2.1</a></li>

	<div class="copyright">
		Copyright 2009 <a rel="item-license" href="">Aftenposten</a>.

About Tor Brekke Skjøtskift

Senior Webdesigner Media Norge Digital
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